The T3 Labs is comprised of over 35 full-time team members and dozens of specialized contractors in the following departments:

Program Management

This department is comprised of program leaders qualified to serve as Study Directors, Principal Investigators, Contributing Scientists, or Project Managers to meet your testing or training needs.

Quality Assurance Unit

This department works with sponsors and regulatory agencies to ensure that we define, meet, and exceed the standards of performance required by each organization. GLP and supplier audits can be scheduled at your convenience.

Technical Staff

This department includes surgeons and technicians that perform a wide range of surgeries and collect data.

Consultants and Vendors

T3 Labs’ external network includes GLP qualified third-party vendors and contractors including product developers such as Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI), histopathology labs such as Alizée Pathology, board certified pathologists, and clinical surgeons.

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