Advanced Medical Imaging Modalities For Preclinical Testing That Bring Medtech Innovations To Market






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You need the best preclinical imaging possible in order to place your new medical device, drug or biologic with precision or to understand its safety and efficacy. The preclinical clock is ticking and you can’t wait 3 months for histology results before you get the data you need to advance to the next step in your new medical device’s path to market. Now what?

T3 has all of the advanced medical imaging modalities and expertise required to deliver the data you need right now.


In short, T3 Labs can image anything our sponsors want imaged. We have access to every modality available including echocardiography (TTE, TEE, ICE), x-ray and fluoroscopy, microCT, CT (up to 128 slice), and 3T MRI and we know how to use it to generate the best preclinical and medical device testing and training results in the business. Quickly.

Orthopaedic Devices

For in vivo visibility into anatomy, device placement, or bone healing, T3 Labs’ has the microCT, digital X-ray and fluoroscopy tools you need. Ex vivo microCT imaging, available at T3 Labs, provides very high resolution images of bone healing or growth into a device, or apposition with a device (metal or polymer).

Example: For a T3 sponsor in orthopaedic medical devices, specimens were already embedded for histology. However, the university lab had capacity for just one scan per day. The sponsor needed a better solution. T3 scanned 30 samples in fewer than four days delivering all and more of the analysis the sponsor needed.

Structural Heart Devices

For a heart valve implant, developers need not only good fluoroscopy, but echocardiography during the in vivo implantation process. Post harvest, microCT provides a detailed look at calcification in the value leaflets.

Example: For one major manufacturer of heart valves (among many other medical and commercial products), T3 Labs has provided hundreds of microCT images not available through their histopathology partner. We turned  those images and analysis within days, providing valuable feedback on valve calcification and material characteristics.

For device compatibility and perfect images involving infarction and the healing of the cardiac muscle over time, MRI is the solution. T3 provides quick access to 3T and 1.5T MRI.

Gastrointestinal Devices

For gastrointestinal (GI) and general surgery procedures, device developers need high definition laparoscopic imaging equipment in-vivo. T3 has and knows how to use this equipment. Post-harvest, the same tools provide the visibility needed to find ulcers, calcification and other adhesions.

Interventional Cardiology

Innovators in interventional cardiology benefit from perhaps the largest array of imaging modalities guiding catheters into vessels, looking for emboli or aneurysms to name a few. T3 Labs has everything interventional cardiologists and their device makers need:

  • Fluoroscopy (Fixed Cathlab and Mobile c-Arms)
  • Echocardiography (Transthoracic (TTE), Transesophageal (TEE), Intra-cardiac ( ICE)
  • IVUS (intravascular ultrasound)
  • OCT (optical coherence tomography)
  • MRI
  • MicroCT – ex vivo providing higher resolution than fluoroscopy for post-harvest analysis.
  • CT (near site)

Neurovascular Devices

Only MRI and fluoroscopy produces the images of the target site needed for your neurovascular devices. T3 Labs can provide a  1.5T mobile MRI onsite and very near site access to 3T MRI.

Let’s Talk Preclinical Imaging

For any of your medical device or biologic preclinical imaging needs, T3 has you covered. We have the knowledge, equipment and scientific drive to maximize your imaging investment and help speed both data and analysis to your team so that you can get on with it!

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T3 Advanced Medical Imaging Modalities Inventory



  • Fluoroscopy
    • Phillips Allura FDA 10: Xper w/ MacLab (Thermodilution/CO)
    • GE 9900: w/ MacLab (Thermodilution/CO)
    • GE 9800
  • Echo
    • GE Vivid I with probes for TTE, TEE, ICE
    • IVUS – Boston Scientific
  • microCT – GE eXplore CT 120 – 0.25 micron resolution for implants & calcification
  • MRI – mobile unit via DMS, Alliance, etc. – 1.5T with ECG-gated cardiac software
  • CT – mobile unit via DMS, Alliance, etc. – up to 64-slice, gated
  • Richard Wolfe Laparoscopic digital scope tower for laparo- and arthro-scopic imaging
  • Storz Endoscopy/Laparoscopy Towers (30 degree and straight camera)



  • MRI
    • BITC – 3T at Emory University
    • CABI – 3T at Georgia Tech & Georgia State
    • CSI – 3T at Emory University
  • CT – 128 slice at Emory Clinic
  • 3D Echocardiography – Siemens SC2000 Prime (Capabilities: 2D and 3D TEE, 2D and 3D TTE, 2D and 3D ICE)
  • Rentals – available upon request
    • Additional C-arms
    • O-arms
    • OCT
    • Additional Echocardiography
  • Image Analysis – provided by Image IQ