What Makes An Outstanding, Value-Based Preclinical CRO?

“We cannot think of a better Preclinical CRO to work with and as we continue to add new products to the pipeline, we will certainly utilize T3 Labs for preclinical studies.” - Cell Constructs

Preclinical CRO: New Ideas

A high-value preclinical CRO should deliver new ideas that contribute to process improvement. Would a model shift create better products or eliminate the need for animal studies? “Our experience with T3 Labs for the CardioMEMS device created new knowledge and refinements to the device that resulted in a product that was highly mature at the time we started our clinical trials in humans.” Jason White, Senior Director of Product Development, St. Jude Medical.

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ROI & Fiscal Responsibility

“ROI has increased with continued and dedicated partnerships with our physicians through medical device training programs through T3 Labs. T3 consistently enables us to complete R&D to bring products to market or perfect them with FDA on or under budget. We would not be as effective in the marketplace if not for T3.” – Cook Medical 

“T3 Labs accelerated our product refinement testing and preclinical trials, saving us time and money at every step along the way.” – ALung Technologies

High rankings for setup, environment, equipment and specimens

“The team members at T3 Labs are consummate professionals that make my work seem effortless. They allow us to make that educational environment the best it can be so that physicians improve patient care in our product line. It is stable, secure, clean, friendly and fun.” – Cook Medical

Location & logistics

T3 Labs is located 20 minutes from the world’s busiest airport: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. There are multiple transportation opportunities to and from the airport to T3 Labs. There are also scores of lodging and restaurant options within minutes of T3’s facility. This saves your physicians and team members time and saves our organization money in transit costs. “For our onsite needs, the T3 staff always ensures our physicians and team leave educated and well nourished with a positive feeling about the time invested. Several hundred of our partner physicians have perfected their skills at T3 Labs.” – Cook Medical

T3 Labs’ cardiology / cardiothoracic preclinical testing experience includes interventional, structural heart, electrophysiology, and renal nerve ablation technologies. Our preclinical, GLP work for leading cardiology/cardiothoracic device manufacturers employs a wide-variety of techniques and models tailored to the test article.

For our cardiothoracic preclinical medical device testing and training sponsors, our preclinical CRO employs the most appropriate, efficient model needed. Our GLP and AAALAC accredited facility includes a real life cath lab, high quality operating rooms and all of the equipment needed. Read more on our preclinical for cardiothoracic device page.

T3 Labs’ orthopaedic preclinical testing experience includes spine, large joints, and extremities treated with devices, biologics and cell-based products. Models include, but aren’t limited to: Spine fusion, degenerative disc disease, orthopaedic infection, tendon repair/replacement, fracture healing and critical-sized defect models.

What you need, when you need it
For our orthopaedic manufacturers / sponsors needing high quality preclinical orthopaedic device testing and training, our preclinical CRO employs the most appropriate, efficient model needed. Our GLP and AAALAC accredited facility includes high quality operating rooms and all of the equipment needed including: Digital x-ray, Micro-CT, MRI and CT, surgical instrumentation and qualified plastic histology labs. Model development is available.

Read more on our preclinical for orthopaedic device testing page.

T3 Labs’ general surgical testing experience for preclinical includes gastrointestinal, wound healing and organ transplant to name a few.

For our general surgery sponsors needing high quality preclinical device testing and training, our preclinical CRO employs the most appropriate, efficient model needed. Our GLP and AAALAC accredited facility includes high quality operating rooms and all of the equipment needed including ECHO including ICE, TTE and TEE, C-arms and MRI and CT. Model development is available.

Read more on about our preclinical testing and training programs for general surgery, urology and GI devices.

T3 Labs’ regenerative medicine testing experience includes products for wound healing, cardiovascular and orthopaedic applications.

For our sponsors needing medical device testing and training for new regenerative medicine therapies and devices, our preclinical CRO employs the most appropriate efficient model needed. Our GLP and AAALAC accredited facility includes high quality operating rooms and all of the equipment needed including cell culture and sorting, C-arms, ECHO including ICE, TTE, TEE, Doppler, IVUS, OCT, Micro-CT, MRI and CT.

Read more about our preclinical testing programs for regenerative medicine and wound healing.

T3 Labs has the surgical, veterinary and specialized experience needed to generate positive preclinical results for your drugs and biologics programs.

Delivery, dosage, biodistribution and toxicity are the top challenges for developers of new drugs and biologics. Particularly so, for those specific indications where current therapies are underwhelming. Heart attacks, critical limb ischemia, wound healing, stroke and ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) are a few of the unmet medical needs that will require new, innovative approaches for better treatments and eventual cures. T3 Labs has the unique capabilities to accelerate the development of tomorrow’s breakthrough drugs and biologics.

Read more about our Drug & Biologics programs.

T3 Labs’ preclinical testing experience in other fields includes, dermatology, neurology, and urology.

Dermatology models for preclinical include wound healing in normal or diabetic models and air pouch models.
Neurology models for preclinical include stroke and traumatic brain injury models.
Urology models include for preclinical renal calculi, street urinary incontinence, and embolic delivery models.

For medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers of all sizes T3 Labs provides high quality, high value medical device testing, training and translational facilities. T3 Labs provides physicians, sales staff, students and allied healthcare professionals what they need, when they need it with the highest quality service designed with your training needs in mind.

Learn more about our training programs. 

Communication & Scientific Proficiency

Our preclinical CRO was conceived and designed by translational researchers for medical product developers. Thirst for science: it’s in our DNA. Our team of 40 preclinical staff members includes 9 surgical experts with more than have 100 years of surgical experience. Our close relationship with independent surgical consultants, many local to metro-Atlanta and the Southeast United States also provides access to experienced, Ph.D. and MD surgeons capable of maximizing your investment in preclinical.

Our preclinical testing and training program leaders are trained scientists themselves, interested in understanding and participating in the science and methods behind innovations and options including medical products, devices, drugs and biologics across a wide range of therapeutic areas. They possess deep knowledge in their programmatic areas of expertise – bioskills, cardiology, orthopaedics, gastroenterology, drugs and biologics, etc. – pursuing their areas of greatest interest in close alignment with the needs of medical product developers. The vast majority of T3 Labs reports submitted to the FDA return with zero questions asked.

“The T3 Labs team is fluent in our scientific language. Because of this, I’m able to do a much better job and I can entrust them to communicate with the physicians directly.” – Cook Medical “Training programs at T3 Labs are professionally composed, orchestrated, and performed at a high level of value. I need a facility with reliable, knowledgeable scientific experts on staff and equipment that replicates what surgeons experience when it matters most in the OR to improve their practice. At the conclusion of every program, we depart with a great brand name.” – Applied Medical

Since January 2012, we have archived more than 50 GLP studies for leading medical device manufacturers of which more than 30 products like Surefire Precision have received regulatory approvals. Every year more than 2,000 allied health professionals train at T3 Labs. Every day we put our skills to work for scores of industry leading medical device companies of all sizes like St. Jude Medical, ALung Technologies, Surefire Medical, Alizee Pathology, ImageIQ and more.