The T3 Labs is comprised of over 35 full-time team members and dozens of specialized contractors in the following departments:

Program Management

This department is comprised of program leaders qualified to serve as Study Directors, Principal Investigators, Contributing Scientists, or Project Managers to meet your testing or training needs.

Quality Assurance Unit

This department works with sponsors and regulatory agencies to ensure that we define, meet, and exceed the standards of performance required by each organization. GLP and supplier audits can be scheduled at your convenience.

Technical Staff

This department includes surgeons and technicians that perform a wide range of surgeries and collect data.

Consultants and Vendors

T3 Labs’ external network includes GLP qualified third-party vendors and contractors including product developers such as Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI), histopathology labs such as Alizée Pathology, board certified pathologists, and clinical surgeons.

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Management Team

Chief Executive Officer, MBA (GCMI/T3 Labs) 

Tiffany Wilson joined GCMI in 2011 during its startup phase, directing business development activities, building strategic relationships and bringing together core members of the medical device ecosystem. Her strong background in medical devices, commitment to fostering innovation and understanding of business strategies have propelled her into a leadership role in the Southeast and brought her into the national spotlight. Wilson joined GCMI from Scientific Intake, where she served as the Vice President of Business Development and Strategy, evaluating marketing and distribution opportunities and driving product development projects for the global obesity market. Prior to Scientific Intake, she was Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Finance at ACell, Inc., a regenerative medicine and tissue engineering company based in Columbia, Maryland. At ACell, she led a broad range of initiatives including corporate finance, investor relations, strategic and operational planning, business development, regulatory, and reimbursement.

She served as the 2014-2015 President of the Southeast Medical Device Association (SEMDA) and was the Chair of the T3 Labs Advisory Board. She is also a Member of the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NACIE) at the U.S. Department of Commerce. She led the Sponsorship Committee of the 2013 SEMDA Conference and has served as the Co-Chair of the Medical Device Subcommittee of the Metro Atlanta Chamber Bioscience Leadership Council. In 2015 she received the prestigious Georgia Bio Community Award. She earned a BBA in International Business and an MBA from Georgetown University McDonough School of Business.

Chief Operating Officer, DVM (T3 Labs) 

Biomedical operations executive with over 15 years’ broad experience bringing various medical device and therapeutic agents (50+) to market as well as general management experience within startups, transitions and turnarounds. He focuses his team on integrity, confidentiality, preservation of intellectual property, corporate responsibility and team building.  At T3 Labs, he is responsible for providing strategic and operational leadership to T3 Labs and for ensuring the successful performance of T3 Labs including; the efficient delivery of research infrastructure services, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, research trials, and financial performance.  He serves as the highest-level liaison to key T3 Labs’ constituents including: sponsors, scientists, investigators, and regulatory agencies (FDA, USDA, DEA, AAALAC).

Prior to joining T3 Labs, as a Senior Director he was the principal in establishing Surpass Preclinical’ s Midwest AAALAC accredited contract research facility dedicated to GLP compliant research within the Veterans Administration in Minneapolis, MN.  As the company’s Chief Veterinarian for more than 7 years, he developed a wide-ranging knowledge base of research techniques for medical devices and therapies in most therapeutic areas.   His technical experience includes complex anesthetic cases, techniques in interventional radiology, various transcutaneous imaging modalities such as ultrasound and fluoroscopy as well as surgical expertise in multiple species. He holds a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from University of Kansas and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Kansas State University College.

Director of Program Leadership and Business Development, B.S., MBA 

Joined T3 Labs in 2009 with 20 years of life sciences industry experience.  He has led the site transfer and operational start-up of T3 Labs in a new $20 million world-class facility, re-focused the organization on quality-first service model, built sustainable relationships with Fortune 500 medical device manufacturers and startups alike, established a team of highly-qualified independent consultant-Program Leaders that serve over 100 customers annually, and expanded T3 Labs’ service offerings to 11 therapeutic programs.

Prior to moving to T3 Labs, he led corporate development, directed project management offices, supported global development programs, provided independent consulting services and conducted laboratory research for several companies including Abbott Laboratories, Bristol-Myers Squibb, DuPont and a start-up located a Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC).  He holds an M.B.A in International Business from the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, University of Delaware and a B.S. in Chemistry from Davidson College.

Attending Veterinarian, DVM 

Has combined 20 years of clinical and pre-clinical, lab animal and veterinary experience. At T3 Labs, he focuses on the animal care and use program, protocol reviews and acting as a contributing scientist for veterinary reports. He is responsible for managing the veterinary and technical staff, overseeing the daily activities in support of translational research and training including but not limited to, clinical care, critical care, anesthesia, surgery and husbandry. Prior to joining T3 Labs he practiced veterinary medicine and surgery on various large, small and exotic animals. His experience includes: Cardiac and peripheral vascular procedures, Interventional procedures, Cardiopulmonary bypass/cardiothoracic surgery, Veterinary pain management, Endoscopy, Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy, Ophthalmic / microsurgery, Orthopedic and spinal surgery, Oral surgery, Veterinary Anesthesia Soft Tissue techniques, Catheter laboratory and Angiography. He holds a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Auburn University.

Director, Quality Assurance, B.S 

Has over 15 years’ experience as Director Quality Assurance in a Good Manufacturing and Good Laboratory Practices compliant environment. He focuses on quality systems and federal and state regulatory compliance. At T3 Laboratory he is responsible for the organization being compliant with 21, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 58, Good Laboratory Practices, vendor qualification audits, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) compliance, Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) certifications and Department of Health & Human Services National Institutes of Health Assurance renewals. He is knowledgeable and experienced with Quality Systems development, Pre-clinical and Clinical Research, Validation, FDA Inspections, Clean Room Technology and Sterilization. He also manages the QA Unit and works closely with the QA Specialist and Primary Archivist on Quality assurance related activities.

Prior to joining T3 Labs, he was the Director, Quality Assurance in a start-up, Atlanta, Pharmaceutical Company for 5 years, selecting manufacturers of biologics and monoclonal antibody products for clinical trials. He has developed a wide ranging knowledge base of research techniques for medical devices and therapies in most therapeutic areas. His technical experience includes laboratory medical technology with a Specialty in Blood Banking and Immunohematology, he holds a BS degree in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh with Graduate credits from Bowling Green State University. He is a certified Medical Technologist and Specialist in Blood Banking from the American Society of Clinical Pathologist.

Program Leadership Team

Program Director – Testing, DVM 

A GLP qualified Study Director, she has over 10 years’ experience working in medical device preclinical research with the focus on devices and therapies related to cardiac and peripheral intervention, testing of biologics and novel heart valves. Over the years she has been involved in numerous multisite GLP studies that have led to regulatory approvals in US and abroad.   At T3 Labs, she is responsible for leading the development of new and maintaining various existing Sponsored non-clinical programs while executing each directly in multiple roles as needed.

Prior to joining T3 Labs, she was a medical technologist at pharmaceutical company Inhibitex where she gained experience in a GMP environment which has greatly benefited her carrier in regards to understanding the importance of quality and compliance. A veterinary degree earned from University of Agriculture in Latvia, allows her to interpret biological responses to test devices and recognize pathologies. In addition, overall knowledge of anatomy and physiology of animals helps in selecting most appropriate animal models used in medical device research.

Program Director – Testing, B.E, M.S 

She is a biomedical engineer with ~14 years combined academic and professional experience in the medical device industry. At T3 Labs she serves a GLP Study Director on complex safety and efficacy, GLP and Non-GLP studies, with a focus on structural heart and invasive surgical implants and devices. Her core competencies include a thorough knowledge of GLP regulations (21CFR Part 58), preclinical protocol development (acute and chronic studies), data interpretation and report generation in support of regulatory submissions and overall program management & logistics. She leads T3 Lab’s content development on the website, blog and social media and actively participates in business development and marketing activities.

Prior to joining T3 Labs, she served a device engineer for TissueGen Inc, working with bioresorbable drug eluting fibers used for medical devices.

Most recently, she qualified for and completed the Emerging Leader Program at Emory Healthcare. She holds a Regulatory Affairs Certificate- Medical Devices, an M.S in Biomedical Engineering from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and University of Arlington, and a B.E in Biomedical Engineering from University of Mumbai.

Program Director – Preclinical Research, PhD. 

Has over 5 years of experience as a Study Director at T3 Labs. At T3 Labs, he leads the orthopedic non-clinical testing program for medical devices, drugs and biologics. He manages preclinical research projects for medical device companies of varying complexity ranging from model development and initial prototype testing to GLP safety and efficacy studies.

Prior to joining T3 Labs, he was Research Engineer in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at UCLA. As a Research Engineer, he has developed a wide-ranging knowledge base of biomedical engineering, orthopedic surgery and clinical research. He holds a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Texas Austin and an MS and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from University of Southern California.

He also qualified for and completed the Emerging Leader Program at Emory Healthcare and holds a Regulatory Affairs Certificate- Medical Devices

Program Director – Training and Education

Joined T3 Labs in 2011. In her current role as Program Director, she and her team facilitate the educational innovation needs of early stage feasibility programs, training of thousands of physicians, and forge ties between academia, med device industry and clinicians. She has 22 years of relevant industry experience in healthcare and research.

Prior to joining T3 Labs, she spent 2 years at Georgia Bureau of Investigations, 9 years in the clinical setting as a surgical first assistant, and 11 years as an Operations manager for RTI Donor Services transplant services.  She holds a BS in Human Services Management with a focus in Healthcare Management, a Diploma in Surgical Technology, and several certifications for surgery and tissue banking. She has been a member of American Association of Tissue Banks since 1996, a current member of The Association of Bioskills Laboratory Excellence, a board member of SEMDA Med Tech Women, and currently serves with the Medical Device Task force for the   Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.  Over the past 5  years she has  led and grown T3 Labs’ Training and Education Program, by incorporating and cobranding  the translational services of T3 affiliates and the  Georgia Biomedical Community.

Program Manager, B.S. 

Holds over 8 years experience in preclinical and medical device research. A GLP qualified Study Director, his focus is on medical imaging technology and interventional cardiovascular surgery models. At T3 Labs, he is responsible for imaging modalities and managing preclinical studies in cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and urological models.

His technical experience includes echocardiography, MR and CT imaging, biomedical engineering and preclinical program management. He holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Program Manager(s)

Program Managers at T3 Labs have several years of experience assisting with the execution of GLP safety studies and leading as Principal Investigators on Non-GLP studies. They participate in cross-functional study teams, particularly with Preclinical Operations staff to ensure the requirements/tasks of the respective protocols and the execution of the actions/milestones of the project plan were achieved.

Our program managers have degrees in biomedical engineering, veterinary medicine, zoology, Laboratory Animal Science, biology and chemistry.

Veterinary Operations Team

Senior Clinical Veterinarian, DVM 

Has 4 years of experience in the laboratory animal field and became a team member of T3 Labs in 2014. During her residency program, she gained experience in various areas of animal research including clinical care, anesthesia, colony management, animal behavior, husbandry, rodent sentinel programs, vaccine and transplant research, and IACUC regulations. She has worked with various animal species including amphibians, birds, rodents, rabbits, swine, ovine, bovine, and non-human primates. Her current focus is on research model development, surgery, and managing technical support for research projects. She assists in protocol development, protocol review, and serving as a contributing scientist for veterinary reports. Her experience includes implant device placement, soft tissue surgery, cardiac and peripheral vascular procedures, vascular graft placement, and cervical and lumbar laminectomies. She is a 2012 graduate of the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine and completed a residency specializing in Laboratory Animal Medicine at Emory University and Yerkes National Primate Research Center.

Clinical Veterinarian, DVM, DACLAM 

She has over 11 years of experience in lab animal medicine and brings a wide breadth of knowledge in animal research to our program. Prior to joining T3, she worked at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center as a nonhuman primate veterinarian focusing on infectious disease and surgical models. Subsequently, she worked as a clinical veterinarian and assistant professor at Emory University where she oversaw the large animal surgery program, rodent managed breeding, and clinical care of various species including rodents, pigs, sheep, and birds. In her current role, she provides clinical and surgical support to the ongoing projects at T3 Labs. Her professional interests include surgical model development and refinement of animal research techniques. She received her D.V.M. degree from the University of Georgia and completed her training in laboratory animal medicine at Emory University. She became a Diplomate of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine in 2009.

Research Technician(s) 

T3 Labs currently has three research technicians that plan, prepare, organize and execute protocols, research milestones, surgical procedure and institute operations. They assist with complex and difficult surgical and research procedures and make adjustments and assessments of the animal, procedure or technique.

They perform, operate and execute specific procedures, techniques, equipment and surgeries which include but are not limited to interventional techniques and procedures, cardiothoracic procedures, electrophysiology, pharmacology, perfusion, telemetry, imaging, radiology and participate in the OLAW disaster team as needed. They all have AAALAS LATG certifications.

Veterinary Technicians(s) 

Our veterinary technicians provide day to day care, preparation or handling of laboratory animals or laboratory specimens and assist in the preparation and handling of human cadavers. They are also responsible for providing cleaning, feeding, and caring for the animals and housing environment. They monitor and carry out veterinary instructions and are proficient in medication calculations, formulations and administration techniques. They maintain records and documents and have developed basic surgical skills to perform routine surgical approaches and closures They also assist with necropsies and tissue preparation. They are proficient in a variety of equipment and have degrees in Biology, Zoology, Animal science etc.

Animal Care Technician(s) 

Our animal care technicians perform detailed assessment and evaluations on the animals that are on study at T3 Labs. They have the ability to calculate, formulate and train others on drug dosages; produce high quality and descriptive documentation; maintain vivarium documentation per SOP, GLP, USDA and AAALAC compliance. They also monitor and order vivarium, supplies, animals, feed, bedding and medications, move, receive and transport animals. They provide supportive assistance with anesthesia and are able to perform pre-surgical prep and post – op recovery on wide variety of animal species (esp. swine, ruminant, canine, rodents).

Customer Operations Team

Customer Experience / Training Manager

Using standards and practices the team works to build and foster relationships with sponsors and their customers, to support the process of identifying, evaluating, and providing administrative support as a remote office for planning operations, such as telecommunications and food service.

As the Customer Experience Manager, she is responsible for leading the customer experience strategy for T3. She translates the concepts of service excellence, customer experience and staff relations into actionable behaviors.  She takes a culture steeped in clinical excellence and escalates it to ensure positive interaction with external and internal customers. Additionally, in her current role as Training Manager, she works directly under the Training and Education Director, prepares estimates and coordinates the administrative portion for all of our training and education sponsors.

She is dual certified by Emory and Kennesaw University in Meeting Planning, and is committed to delivering measurable service to specifications, schedule, quality and commitment to ensure a value added service. She has over 20 years of relevant industry experience in administration and customer service excellence.

Prior to joining T3 Labs, she spent 10 years managing a large church and its property holdings in the Atlanta and 11 years as a Best Practices Manager for the Hartford Insurance Company.

Facilities Team

Chief Engineer 

He has over 50 years of experience in construction, engineering and general contracting. At T3 Labs, he manages all mechanical systems, and is responsible for maintenance and calibration of all equipment as well ensuring that appropriate equipment certifications are obtained. He leads a team of facilities staff that assist him with day to day maintenance of the facilities and equipment.

He holds an Associate’s degree in Construction Management.