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For medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers of all sizes T3 Labs provides high quality, high-value medical device testing, training and translational facilities. T3 Labs provides physicians, sales staff, students and allied healthcare professionals what they need when they need it with the highest quality service designed with your training needs in mind.


Your physicians and sales staff will experience their medical device training in the same clinical setting in which they will use their skills. Our GLP and AAALAC compliant facility include a real-life cath lab and operating rooms on par with the top hospitals and surgical centers in the country.


T3 Labs provides medical device testing and bioskills training for more than 2,000 physicians, medical device sales force members, students and other allied healthcare professionals every year. Our commitment to the highest quality service ensures our bioskills training customers come back to T3 Labs time after time. Whether your product is approved and on the market entering clinical trials, or are at the very early stage of device development seeking customer feedback, T3 Labs can help you translate rapidly through device testing, regulatory approval, and education & training. T3 Labs has a portfolio of repeat customers who chose to return time and time again to take advantage of the expertise and quality partner within T3 Labs. Our bioskills training team provides a turnkey, team-wide, top-tier, flexible scheduling service. We provide a real-world environment and experience for your bioskills needs.

In our sponsors’ words:

“As close as you can come to a real OR experience.”

“At the conclusion of every program, we depart with a great brand name.”



T3 Labs is conveniently located in midtown Atlanta, just 15 minutes from the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield Johnson. Our facilities are AAALAC accredited, USDA licensed, and GLP compliant. We operate 32,000 sq ft of operating room, lab, office and vivarium space.

Our operating rooms are dedicated to research in 12 therapeutic areas. We have a total of four (4) operating rooms, including one fixed cathlab.

Our operating rooms are flexible and can be set up for a surgical, endoscopic, orthopedic, or interventional case for both animate and human cadaveric models. Each operating room is equipped with a room camera and surgical light camera that is available for recording or viewing in the convenience of a conference room. Along with our surgical and imaging equipment, our operating rooms are a one-stop shop for all of your preclinical testing and bioskills training needs.


The Right Model

Occasionally, our medical device training sponsors request a certain model when we know another is not only more conducive to regulatory preferences, but more cost-effective. We will ensure your resources are used efficiently for your project based on the latest regulatory requirements. We obtain all cadaveric specimens presented at T3 Labs through organizations compliant with export, import, retrieval, preparation, testing, storage, supply, transfer, transportation, and disposition of human tissue regulations for research. Specimens are screened and tested for infectious disease and handled in compliance with all applicable local, state, national, and international laws and regulations governing the sourcing. We additionally offer large and small in vivo training models across all therapeutic areas for groups compliant with FDA, USDA, and AAALAC standards. At T3 Labs, we place great emphasis on the ethical importance of IACUC in self-regulation and accountability of all programs.

Economies of Scale

If your medical device sales team has multiple training projects occurring at T3, there are economies of scale available to you.

Other value adds:

Catering Assistance: We assist with securing onsite catering from any one of our many established vendors for your event. You may select anything from a continental breakfast to a Southern breakfast option. All you have to do is tell us what you want and we will have it here and ready to eat. Event Planning Assistance: Not sure where to stay or what to do while you are in town? How about where to host a dinner for your guests and business associates? Not sure about getting a large group around or which car service to hire? Let us do the work for you. We can book your hotel, make your meal arrangements, and arrange for a car or private bus service for transportation. Additionally, we can provide a list of hotels that have been verified as great places to stay by staff, Sponsors, and the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

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