Job Purpose: Provide basic technical support services required for conducting tests and experiments in a school or research laboratory within the Institute.


Major Responsibilities:

  • Gather, compile and summarize data in conjunction with assigned scientific tests, experiments, etc
  • Collect and prepare samples for use in assigned tests
  • Prepare statistical analyses and maintain related records.
  • Operate various equipment used in research studies.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Education: Technical Diploma, Associates Degree or two years college course work or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Work Experience: One to two years job related experience
  • Certifications: N/A
  • Skills: This job requires basic knowledge of research lab equipment and support processes and practices. Includes skill in data organization, statistical analysis and use of statistical and scientific computer applications.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Preferred Education: N/A
  • Preferred Work Experience: One or more years of rodent or livestock experience preferred.
  • Preferred Certifications: N/A
  • Preferred Skills: N/A

Additional Information:

Additional tasks may include:

  • Provide daily care to laboratory animals including feeding, watering, and cage cleaning.
  • Maintain accurate daily records of animal health as well as all SOP and regulatory required documents.
  • Sanitize animal rooms, cages, and other equipment in order to maintain a healthy environment for animals.  Operate sanitizing equipment, environmental housing equipment and research related equipment.
  • Assist with research studies as necessary
  • Under veterinary supervision, administer veterinary treatments to laboratory animals.  This would include but is not limited to oral, injectable, and topical medications. 
  • Accurately calculate medication dosages unsupervised.  
  • Monitor animal post-operative recoveries
  • Assist with the transport and receipt of animals.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

This position requires frequent lifting of 50 lbs. or more.  The schedule for this position requires working weekends.

This position is based on sponsored funds; employment and assignments are contingent upon outside funding. 

Impact & Influence: This position will interact on a consistent basis with: academic and research faculty, co-workers. This position typically will advise and counsel: NA. This position will supervise: NA.

Please email your resume to along with the position of interest below in the subject line. The hiring manager will contact you directly.

Note: Selected candidates will be required to complete the hiring application via the Georgia Institute of Technology Human Resources website and fulfill the Georgia Institute of Technology hiring requirements. The hiring manager will provide you with the requisition number to complete the application.